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Who We Are

Reseda Shade Company was founded by Marty Cohen and John Laurent whose vision was to exceed the needs of our customers, beginning with exceptional customer service; the highest quality of products available; and expert quick installation!

For others it's only a window covering. For us, it's our reputation.

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Shutters are as close as furniture for your windows as you will get. Making shutters great for your spaces to enhance the value of your home. They are designed to meet the needs of consumers who want the look, quality, and prestige of a shutter.

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Blinds are versatile window coverings. They are called blinds because it blocks or reduces sunlight penetration through windows. They are made with either vertical or horizontal slats that can be rotated for privacy control and maximum light tolerance. They are great options for window coverings; they can also be great addition to your home by giving you the privacy you need, as well as being a decorative tool.

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Shades are window coverings made of materials that can be permanently pleated. These are drawn up and stack at the top of window. Raising the shades can allow more light into the room and lowering them can allow more privacy. Shades can be stopped at different intervals, offering a neat and finished look for your windows.

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Draperies or curtains are a popular type of interior window covering. They allow you to open and close them with ease, adjusting the amount of light in your room and creating privacy. Draperies are one of the largest areas of room and well done treatment will draw attention instantly to the windows.

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